"We are the World Voice of Pirate Radio"

Welcome !

You have just drifted into a new era of Pirate Radio, Direct Hit Radio is like no other station you've ever heard or experienced. Over the years we pillaged and plundered a vast musical booty from the 1920's to present day, so there's little need to repeat songs during a long voyage and sound like all those other scurvy ridden top 40 stations.  If you like news, join us... We are your 100% Disinformation Station. At DHR, it's not only what we play, it's how we play it. Our live DJ's do parrot well known music, but our crew's goal is to continually dig up new treasures that keep you guessing as to where they're going and what piracy they're up to. We play timeless music, and we spin a lot of vinyl from the 70's, 80's and 90's. We keep it fresh and exciting by playing a lot of the great but lesser known cuts previously only heard in top dance and entertainment clubs.

If you were part of that era, then you will thoroughly enjoy what we do day after day. is Coming Soon....